How to Find Sorority Recruitment Rec Letters

“No one in my family is Greek. I don’t know anyone who was in a sorority; how can I find sorority recruitment rec letters?”

Sound familiar? Every year potential new members (PNMs) sign up for sorority recruitment and face the all-too-real struggle of securing letters of recommendation. On some campuses, you absolutely need them to stay competitive in a large recruitment setting. You can’t give up just because you think you don’t know anyone from a particular organization. Chances are, you actually do!

Here’s where to start.

sorority recruitment rec letters

Where to Look for Sorority Recruitment Rec Letters

1. Your hometown’s Panhellenic Alumnae Association. These groups sometimes host informational sessions to learn about recruitment. You can make connections here to help you get those rec letters. Not every community has one, but most big cities do.

2. Ask online. Just a quick Facebook post asking if you know any sorority alumnae may be all it takes to find Greek connections you didn’t know you had!

3. Your real life social circle. Tell everyone you meet your plans to go through recruitment in the fall. I mean everyone! My dental hygienist is an Alpha Chi Omega, which I found out making awkward small talk while she polished my teeth. You’ll never find out until you bring it up in conversation yourself.

4. Ask friends at other campuses if they know an alumnae from an organization you need a rec for. The best case scenario is a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well. But a friend of a friend who is willing to write a rec for you is better than no rec at all.

Good luck preparing for recruitment!

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