5 Ways Greek Life Can Help You Choose a Major

How Greek life can help you choose a majorDo you feel lost when you look at your college’s list of majors? Maybe you feel jealous of your friend who has known since she was six she was going to be a nurse and never looked back. If so, I can relate! I went back and forth trying to choose a major for two years before I eventually settled on a Strategic Communications and Public Relations degree.

If your transcript still reads “undecided,” here are some resources that are available right within your sorority!

How Greek Life Can Help You Choose a Major

1. Other Members

Talk to your sisters–duh! In a sorority, you have access to a diverse set of academic perspectives and experiences.  An upperclassman in your chapter can tell you what the major is like and help you gain clarity.

2. Alumnae Networking

There’s nothing like a firsthand look at what your job after graduation might be like. Set up an informational interview with recent grads who are working in the field you’re interested in. You can find these people through LinkedIn or your sorority’s alumnae chapters. Chances are good someone will be more than willing to help an undergrad out by shadowing her or just meeting for coffee to talk things over get their honest opinion on the positives and negatives of their profession. Young professionals are usually happy to help students since they were in your shoes not too long ago.

3. Leadership Practice

One of the benefits of being Greek is the chance to practice leadership skills before you even graduate. Take on a volunteer position on campus or in your chapter related to your intended major. Thinking about becoming an event planner after graduation? Volunteer to help your social chair plan formal. Want to manage a non-profit someday? Offer to set up a service opportunity working with a local one to gain experience.

4. Panhellenic Networking

If you need more perspectives, don’t be shy reaching out to members of other sororities. Panhellenic women should help one another succeed!

5. Think Outside the Box.

Sorority women are creative and goal-oriented! If there are two or more majors that you love, your school might offer a program that allows you to study a combination of several disciplines or even design your own major.

After you’ve done your research and weighed your options, don’t forget to consider the advice of my Marketing 1001 professor: “Major in something that makes your heart go pitter pat.”

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